Biograpfy, Albin Kurti
Who is Albin Kurti?
In August 1997, he became involved in the Students Independent Union of the University of Prishtina (SIUUP) as a member of the presidency. He was the international officer. Albin was also a member of the Organizing Board (at University level) of the students' peaceful protests for the release of University's buildings, which were then held by Serb professors and students. This Board organized four student peaceful protests (1 October 1997, 29 October 1999, 30 December 1997 and 13 March 1998).

During this time, he was invited to meetings in Washington, New York, Brussels, Copenhagen, and the European Parliament in Strasbourg with the purpose of informing the international community about Albanian students' legitimate demands.

He also met with numerous highly placed individuals in international politics, including: Robin Cook (foreign minister of UK), Klaus Kinkel (ex-foreign minister of Germany), Hubert Vedrine (foreign minister of France), Robert Gelbard (special envoy of President Clinton for the Balkans), and with all the ambassadors and embassy representatives of western countries present in Belgrade.

In August 1998, Albin began working in the office of the General Political Representative (GPR) of UK, Adem Demai, where he served as a translator.

In early March 1999, he quit all activities at SIUUP and at the office of GPR of UK in order to continue his university studies.

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